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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Poorly Finished Orions

SWMBO wanted to go out this afternoon as the weather was good so I dropped her and a friend of at Salts Mill in Saltaire.

Whilst they were busy shopping I went for a browse round Dickinsons Caravans in Bradford who had a full complement of Orions on display.

What immediately struck me upon looking round these vans was how poorly finished they were.

Shelves had gaps at the rear,and units didn't fit flush to the walls and other furniture for instance.

There wasn't one shower cubicle that had a full complement of sealant to the joins and in a couple this was already splitting ( glad I have resealed ours ).

They all had either one or two vertical plastic strips cut short as ours are,so this is obviously an endemic problem.

Now I realise that prior to purchase  a PDI would be carried out but surely they should come from the factory in a better state than this.

I can't imagine a PDI realigning interior fittings that should have been installed correctly in the first place.

Come on Bailey you can surely do better than this.



  1. It always strikes me as odd when a shortage of sealant is reported on vans after watching the Caravan Channel video from a while back when ChrisG visited Baileys. The amount of sealant swashed about was prodigious.
    I would've thought that the Alu-Tech system of production should put an end to misaligned furniture but it appears not.
    And those short trim strips is a weird one, surely they're computer cut to size from CAD drawings? Although I wonder if they deliberately cut them short to allow for variances/tolerances in the build and it just so happens that in most the tolerance is just too big.

  2. Andy,

    Yes you right about the sealant but there can be as much of it swilling about as you like but does it all go in the correct place ?

    The poor sealing of the shower is a pretty serious problem as far as I can see for obvious reasons.Perhaps it would be better with a fully lined shower cubicle but I suppose that adds to the weight.

    The original sealing,even where present,is not confidence inspiring,that is why I have completely resealed ours.

    The short strips is a mystery,I can see your point regarding tolerances but at a gap if 1cm+ for one strip the tolerances would have to be pretty large.

    One more thing,another of my corespondees (?) pointed out that there is an absence of the plastic buttons ( the 30mm ones ) that cover screw holes anywhere where you can't directly see,for example under some of the shelves,in the wardrobe,behind the front curtains.

    I counted about twenty in all that were missing.

    I purchased a supply from Dickinsons,yes I suppose they should be done for free under warranty but life is too short sometimes.

    Anyway this to me is also indicative of slapdash work,"if you can't see it,sod it".

    Bailey may not be the only ones to do this ( I will look next time I am at a dealers ).

    As in a lot of things it is as easy to do things right as to do them wrong,plus there is less ongoing cost from rectification at a later date.

    From my observations it seems that it is wasted on Bailey ( perhaps others ) at the minute.