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Friday, 4 May 2012

Think We'll Get Half a Dozen Of These.

Went to the Caravan Show at Catterick Caravans today and on the way back called in at Ropers which is only about  a quarter of a mile away.

They had a full selection of Orions on display all nicely presented.

On one of the new models ( can't remember the number now ) they had a concertina divider between front and back and on another there is a curtain doing the same job.

Bear in mind this is just a length of curtain material 1000mm x 1950mm with a tie back attached to a curtain track.

SWMBO quite liked it so looked on the Bailey Parts site for a price,wait for it,£95 including delivery and it does not even mention if the track is included.

Orion Dividing Curtain

I think I will go for Justin's mod if we go down that route.

From the same site you can buy 2m of curtaining 48" wide for about £35 and that is bad enough.


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