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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Storage Booked & Insurance Waters Tested

Have booked a spot on a CaSSoA site not far away in Castleford.

Not the most scenic of sites it has to be said,it's at the rear of what looks like an old chemical works but it is a hard standing and has Gold status so it will do the job.

There are plenty of vans/motorhomes there ( there must be money in this ) so if a theft occurred we would be unlucky if ours was the one that was pinched,plenty of grander looking caravans.

Three hundred pounds  for the year wasn't too bad,a local farm wanted that for just parking in a grass field with no security whatsoever.

One curious thing was that all the pitches are numbered but don't appear to run in any order,makes finding a particular number rather difficult.

I had checked out Caravan Club insurance with an on-line quote previously,but I read somewhere that a phone quote sometimes worked out cheaper for some reason.Not in my case it didn't,in fact it was more expensive at £368 a year.Nothing has come close to beating Caravan Guard at £219 for the year.Caravan Club insurance may be good but a difference of nearly £150 is not to be sniffed at,about £20per night that is a weeks holiday.

I enquired about removing the wheels over the winter and leaving the Orion on axle stands or Winter Wheels.Caravan Guard said this was OK provided I took the wheels home,Caravan Club wouldn't entertain it as the Al-Ko wheel lock wouldn't be fitted so they knocked me the discount off.

I think I know where my insurance money will probably be going.


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wheel Bolts

Well after the kerfuffle concerning the detachment of wheel bolts,mainly on the Unicorn and the subsequent remedy by Bailey:-

I got to thinking,if it is good enough for a Unicorn it is good enough for an Orion so I enquired of the dealers their opinion.

The reply was that personally they wouldn't bother but in the end it was up to me .

Having thought about it I decided to go with the new bolts.I can see Bailey specifying these bolts for all their caravans in the future.

I can't see them fitting two different sorts of bolts to different vans when one will do the job.

The wheels have to come off anyway to be balanced and have Tyron Bands fitted so there should be no extra labour charge.

The dealer is in the process of obtaining a price so I will keep my "followers" informed.


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Welcome To My Bailey Orion Blog

Welcome to BOB ( Bailey Orion Blog ).

I started this blog so Bailey Orion owners could share ideas and experiences of what is a relatively new van.

First a bit of history.

 Me and SWMBO have a Bailey Orion on order,due to be delivered middle to late August,from YC Leisure near Bawtry.

The van is a 440-4 with the rear dinette as we thought the fixed bed was a little too restrictive,with the dinette we can leave the bed made up if we want it.

We have specified a few extras such as a Reich motor mover,AL-Ko ATC,Tyron Bands and something that seems to be gaining more fans and that is having the wheels balanced before delivery.

Don't want to rattle on for a new blog but will add things as they occur and hopefully as time passes we can share ideas and experiences.