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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wheel Bolts

Well after the kerfuffle concerning the detachment of wheel bolts,mainly on the Unicorn and the subsequent remedy by Bailey:-

I got to thinking,if it is good enough for a Unicorn it is good enough for an Orion so I enquired of the dealers their opinion.

The reply was that personally they wouldn't bother but in the end it was up to me .

Having thought about it I decided to go with the new bolts.I can see Bailey specifying these bolts for all their caravans in the future.

I can't see them fitting two different sorts of bolts to different vans when one will do the job.

The wheels have to come off anyway to be balanced and have Tyron Bands fitted so there should be no extra labour charge.

The dealer is in the process of obtaining a price so I will keep my "followers" informed.


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