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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Welcome To My Bailey Orion Blog

Welcome to BOB ( Bailey Orion Blog ).

I started this blog so Bailey Orion owners could share ideas and experiences of what is a relatively new van.

First a bit of history.

 Me and SWMBO have a Bailey Orion on order,due to be delivered middle to late August,from YC Leisure near Bawtry.

The van is a 440-4 with the rear dinette as we thought the fixed bed was a little too restrictive,with the dinette we can leave the bed made up if we want it.

We have specified a few extras such as a Reich motor mover,AL-Ko ATC,Tyron Bands and something that seems to be gaining more fans and that is having the wheels balanced before delivery.

Don't want to rattle on for a new blog but will add things as they occur and hopefully as time passes we can share ideas and experiences.


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