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Thursday, 27 March 2014

VW Passat Alltrack Blog

We have a VW Passat Alltrack on order for delivery in May.

As they are a bit of a niche vehicle,I will be starting a Passat Alltrack blog when I get round to it to run alongside BOB,so if anyone has one and wants to contribute then feel free.


Lock N' Level

Going to try one of these :-

Lock N' Level

They were mentioned on Caravan Talk and seemed to get a favourable reaction from the people that had them.

A bit pricey with P&P but we are only here once ( so they say ) and you can't take it with you.

A fair bit lighter than levelling ramps so will reduce the weight as well.

Will report on it when we put it into use.


Monday, 10 March 2014

Orion 460/5 Bunk Query.

A member of Caravan Talk has posted the following query regarding making up the bunk cushions on a 460/5.

Can anyone help ??

We decided to make up the offside bunks this evening as a surprise for the little ones.

We got the top bunk all sorted out fine but are having big problems with the cushion configuration on the bottom bunk, it seems whatever we try and do we either end up with the cushions too deep or too shallow and cannot work out whether we need to use the back rest or not.

Losing the will with it all a bit....can anyone advise, it does not say how to do it in the manual

Thank you very much for your help.



Saturday, 8 March 2014

Roof Box..............It's a Whopper.

We are changing our tow car later in the year and have a VW Passat Alltrack on order for the middle of May or so.

As SWMBO is insistent on taking two grandchildren for a taste of caravanning life I ordered a roofbox in the shape of a Kamei Corvara 310 to give us a bit more room.

When it arrived,boy is it a whopper.

I didn't quite realise how long it actually was.

It is more like a coffin and will take SWMBO admirably if she gets gobby.

The moral is,if you are thinking of getting a roof box measure up carefully.



My apologies if any one has e-mailed me or posted a comment on the blog over the last few weeks and I have not replied.

Google suspended my account for some reason but hopefully it is now all sorted out with a new e-mail address.