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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Poorly Finished Orions

SWMBO wanted to go out this afternoon as the weather was good so I dropped her and a friend of at Salts Mill in Saltaire.

Whilst they were busy shopping I went for a browse round Dickinsons Caravans in Bradford who had a full complement of Orions on display.

What immediately struck me upon looking round these vans was how poorly finished they were.

Shelves had gaps at the rear,and units didn't fit flush to the walls and other furniture for instance.

There wasn't one shower cubicle that had a full complement of sealant to the joins and in a couple this was already splitting ( glad I have resealed ours ).

They all had either one or two vertical plastic strips cut short as ours are,so this is obviously an endemic problem.

Now I realise that prior to purchase  a PDI would be carried out but surely they should come from the factory in a better state than this.

I can't imagine a PDI realigning interior fittings that should have been installed correctly in the first place.

Come on Bailey you can surely do better than this.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Twin Fixed Bed Orion & Velcro

I recently e-mailed Bailey to enquire if there was a twin fixed bed Orion in the pipeline,this is the reply I received:-

Thank you for your email.
I’m not aware of any plans at present however I will forward your email onto our design team.
Kind Regards
Jo Barrington (Mrs)
Bailey Caravans

In other words "no",but then again would they tell me if there was ??


This morning I received,courtesy of Bailey,copious amounts of industrial grade Velcro to help with the triangular cushion problem.

I will post about this again when SWMBO has worked her magic.


Monday, 21 May 2012

Earned Our Stripes At Last

Just returned from a couple of night of nights at Beechwood Grange CC site near York.

We have been before but it is only about 40 mins from home and a pleasant retreat for a couple of days.

 No disasters,no calamities,car electrics all worked as they should so I think we have earned our caravanning stripes at last.

Just happened to be pondering,as you do,as to why there there was no light in the fridge and never has been.Had a look,and there is indeed a light,complete with bulb but not working.Checked it was getting power and it was so it must be the bulb,but it looked OK.Any way went to Ebor Caravans for a replacement and hey presto! we have a light in the fridge for the first time.

On the return journey approaching Castleford there was a banging from the van.On stopping to have a look, the jockey wheel had dropped to within about 2cm of the road.Funny because I remember tightening it up,witnessed by SWMBO,so I will have to tighten it up a bit more in future.


Friday, 18 May 2012

Tripping The Light Fantastic

Picked up the Jetta this afternoon after being at the dealers for three days for the towbar electrics to be sorted out.

There were a few problems repairing the previous setup evidently so eventually they replaced the whole wiring loom from the control unit to the 13-pin socket and replaced and rewired the socket itself so hopefully all will now be OK on the lights front.

Glad it all came under the warranty.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Cushion Capers

There have been a few comments on CT about the "moving triangular cushion" problem on the rear bed of the 440/4 to which I have added a posting or two.

Whilst composing my most recent post it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps the triangular cushion goes on the wall side so the wall keeps it in.

It would certainly make more sense than what we have been doing.

Next time I go up to storage I will give it a try unless someone beats me to it who keeps the van at home.


Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Little Bit More Tinkering

Up at storage today doing a bit of tinkering,it's a bit frustrating as it is difficult to get away whilst waiting for a part for the towbar electrics as doubtless the lights will give up the ghost completely as soon as we hitch up.

Anyway did a bit more sealing of gaps with silicone and one thing I did notice was that the sealant on the join between the wall of the shower and the side of the van just to the rear of the shower head holder had cracked,so this was one of the jobs to get it resealed.

Might be worth a check before any damp gets in from the shower.

On a previous visit I had noticed that where the 13-pin plug cable comes through the fairing on the A frame it was getting rubbed by the edge of the frame.Nothing particularly serious but over time................

Anyway I managed to squeeze a piece of old hosepipe slit lengthways secured with a cable tie to protect it.

The breakaway cable has now been changed to one with a carabiner clip so I can clip it directly to the towbar without looping it.

Finally we purchased a Fiamma doormat when at Catterick last week.

It is really to fit a motorhome step but I drilled a couple of holes in the step and secured it with some cable ties and all is fine.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Light Saga Continues

Had the car back at the VW dealers today for the towbar electrics rechecking.

They have found a problem in the 13-pin plug socket on Pin 7 I think it was.

The chap did explain it to me,something about the plug not connecting properly and pushing the pin to one side ( don't quote me on the explanation ),part is unfortunately on back order so I will have to return to have it fixed but at least they know what is wrong with it.

I asked if it was a broken part and was told no that is how it is made ( ?)  so we will have to see what transpires when the part arrives,perhaps it may need to be modified.

I must admit I am glad I had the towbar and electrics fitted at the VW dealers expensive though it was.

It is bad enough shunting between caravan dealers and car dealers without bringing an outside towbar fitter into the equation with everyone blaming each other.

Others of course may disagree.


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Venus Caravans

Whilst at Catterick we had a look at Venus caravans and I must admit the layout of the 500/4 with the fixed single beds quite appealed.

Venus Caravans

If they did that sort of layout in the Orion we might be tempted to swap as I must admit I still like the idea of the Alu-Tech construction compared to other methods and we can't tow anything heavier.


Friday, 4 May 2012

Think We'll Get Half a Dozen Of These.

Went to the Caravan Show at Catterick Caravans today and on the way back called in at Ropers which is only about  a quarter of a mile away.

They had a full selection of Orions on display all nicely presented.

On one of the new models ( can't remember the number now ) they had a concertina divider between front and back and on another there is a curtain doing the same job.

Bear in mind this is just a length of curtain material 1000mm x 1950mm with a tie back attached to a curtain track.

SWMBO quite liked it so looked on the Bailey Parts site for a price,wait for it,£95 including delivery and it does not even mention if the track is included.

Orion Dividing Curtain

I think I will go for Justin's mod if we go down that route.

From the same site you can buy 2m of curtaining 48" wide for about £35 and that is bad enough.


Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Lights Saga Continues

Had the Orion back at the dealers today about the light problem.

The fault eventually managed to raise its intermittent head,BUT,it did it whilst the car was attached to the dealers lighting board not the caravan so it looks very much as if it is the car after all.

When the plug was touched the lights started to work again so it appears the fault may well lie in the socket or socket wiring on the car.

Anyway got the car booked in again next week for two days whilst they have another look at it.


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Orion Mattress For Sale

The mattress is a 14cm thick 'Posture Foam Support' from Sleepdetox, can get full info on this link:


It was cut to the wrong size, it's 18cm too wide so, for a perfect fit, it needs to be trimmed along the short side. It does physically fit in position but sticks out into the passage a little. If I hadn't paid over £200 for it I'd just have trimmed it myself.

I'm happy with £50 for it and ideally I'd like it collected. I will arrange courier delivery at buyer's expense if necessary.


If anyone is interested in the above then send me an e-mail and I will pass it on to Colin.