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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Twin Fixed Bed Orion & Velcro

I recently e-mailed Bailey to enquire if there was a twin fixed bed Orion in the pipeline,this is the reply I received:-

Thank you for your email.
I’m not aware of any plans at present however I will forward your email onto our design team.
Kind Regards
Jo Barrington (Mrs)
Bailey Caravans

In other words "no",but then again would they tell me if there was ??


This morning I received,courtesy of Bailey,copious amounts of industrial grade Velcro to help with the triangular cushion problem.

I will post about this again when SWMBO has worked her magic.



  1. If the velcro doesn't work .We found using anti-Slip dashboard mat 99p from B & M stops the cushion moving.

  2. Sometimes these caravan builders keep their plans very close to their chests. I remember walking round Leisure Sales last year and they had big display boards of the various Lunar ranges for 2011, but the Quasar 464 which was a new model that year wasn't featured, but several other new ones were. I could only surmise that it was a late inclusion in the range and they'd not kept the marketing people in the loop.

  3. Hello Ian.
    The Velcro fix worked for us and I finally got a full nights sleep without falling through the gap. Your SWMBO needs to put it near the top edge aswell otherwise the fabric will "give" and you still end up with a noticeable gap.

  4. Thanks for both the tips regarding the cushion and the Velcro.


  5. Andy,

    Yes despite their protestations that nothing is in the pipeline I think we will see a twin fixed bed Orion next year.

    This arrangement is getting popular and the Venus 500/4 is a bit of competition.

    If it does appear we will give it some serious consideration.


  6. I suppose it'll probably make the van longer than the 430/440 because they'll have to find somewhere to put the wardrobe.

    Having said that as I think I said before they've almost done it already with the 460-5. A rear bench on the offside converts into a pair of bunks and the nearside dinette opposite becomes a single. The wardrobe is in the washroom and presumably the shower is larger.

    There you are, there's no need to wait and you get a fifth bed thrown in as well.

  7. Andy,

    Yes I was looking at the 460/5 and see what you mean.

    The thing is though we are at the limit of what we can tow weight wise ( 84% according to Towsure and 89% according to the Caravan Club ) so could do without the weight of the extra bed.

    I'll wait and see what becomes as I am sure it will.


  8. I'm not sure how much weight would be saved by removing the bunk bed.

    The overall dimension for a twin single van would have to remain as per the 460 because it's dictated by the standardish Orion front lounge, followed by door and cabinet, then single bed, then washroom including wardrobe. Of course it could be configured with the wardrobe inside the door, which pushes the twin beds further back and a slimmer washroom but you can't defy physics and it would end up the same length overall.

    I suspect it would come in at 1300/1320kg which would be 105% or so with your car. I guess like mine, a change of van would mean a change of car too.