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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Light Saga Continues

Had the car back at the VW dealers today for the towbar electrics rechecking.

They have found a problem in the 13-pin plug socket on Pin 7 I think it was.

The chap did explain it to me,something about the plug not connecting properly and pushing the pin to one side ( don't quote me on the explanation ),part is unfortunately on back order so I will have to return to have it fixed but at least they know what is wrong with it.

I asked if it was a broken part and was told no that is how it is made ( ?)  so we will have to see what transpires when the part arrives,perhaps it may need to be modified.

I must admit I am glad I had the towbar and electrics fitted at the VW dealers expensive though it was.

It is bad enough shunting between caravan dealers and car dealers without bringing an outside towbar fitter into the equation with everyone blaming each other.

Others of course may disagree.


1 comment:

  1. Lets hope you have found the problem and the new part will get it sorted. As u say it was a good move getting the tow bar fitted with VW.