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Monday, 21 May 2012

Earned Our Stripes At Last

Just returned from a couple of night of nights at Beechwood Grange CC site near York.

We have been before but it is only about 40 mins from home and a pleasant retreat for a couple of days.

 No disasters,no calamities,car electrics all worked as they should so I think we have earned our caravanning stripes at last.

Just happened to be pondering,as you do,as to why there there was no light in the fridge and never has been.Had a look,and there is indeed a light,complete with bulb but not working.Checked it was getting power and it was so it must be the bulb,but it looked OK.Any way went to Ebor Caravans for a replacement and hey presto! we have a light in the fridge for the first time.

On the return journey approaching Castleford there was a banging from the van.On stopping to have a look, the jockey wheel had dropped to within about 2cm of the road.Funny because I remember tightening it up,witnessed by SWMBO,so I will have to tighten it up a bit more in future.



  1. Hello Ian,
    We have also been away to a local CC site its only 1/2 hour from home. Once on site and set up its nice to chill out in the van and you haven't driven miles. As you say its a weekend away, if you dont go too far I think you can sneak a few extra weekends. Sometimes Less is More,
    Nice to hear the lights are sorted

  2. Dave,

    Plus the fact that you haven't used much diesel.


  3. We have had the exact same problem with our Jockey Wheel. What we do now is take it off after hitching, and put it back on just before unhitching. Not a bad security measure either.

  4. Might not be a bad idea but i remember reading that if the van becomes detached from the car for some reason then if there is no jockey wheel it will drop straight onto the A frame causing damage.

    Six of one and half a dozen of the other I suppose.