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Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Little Bit More Tinkering

Up at storage today doing a bit of tinkering,it's a bit frustrating as it is difficult to get away whilst waiting for a part for the towbar electrics as doubtless the lights will give up the ghost completely as soon as we hitch up.

Anyway did a bit more sealing of gaps with silicone and one thing I did notice was that the sealant on the join between the wall of the shower and the side of the van just to the rear of the shower head holder had cracked,so this was one of the jobs to get it resealed.

Might be worth a check before any damp gets in from the shower.

On a previous visit I had noticed that where the 13-pin plug cable comes through the fairing on the A frame it was getting rubbed by the edge of the frame.Nothing particularly serious but over time................

Anyway I managed to squeeze a piece of old hosepipe slit lengthways secured with a cable tie to protect it.

The breakaway cable has now been changed to one with a carabiner clip so I can clip it directly to the towbar without looping it.

Finally we purchased a Fiamma doormat when at Catterick last week.

It is really to fit a motorhome step but I drilled a couple of holes in the step and secured it with some cable ties and all is fine.



  1. Ian, Thats posh having a front lawn,
    I also need to change my breakaway cable to a carabiner clip, would then be able to clip to tow bar bracket instead of wrapping round tow bar.
    All the Best Dave

  2. As far as I can tell there's nowhere for the breakaway cable to fix on my towbar but I'm wondering what's the deal about not wrapping it round the tow bar, is there some problem with it?

  3. Andy,

    I am not sure whether you mean wrap around the towbar or wrap around the tow ball.

    I have never heard of anyone doing the former,anyway on our towbar there would not be anywhere to do it.

    As far as looping it over the tow ball goes I think from what I have read that this is accepted practice but not as good as attaching it to the bar itself,either by looping through a designed fixing point or attaching directly as in particular circumstances it may jump off at the critical moment.

    I don't think it is recommended practise over a detachable tow hitch.

    That is how I read it.

    I must admit I feel happier now we can clip in directly to the towbar attachment point.

    Incidentally,if anyone wants to purchase a carabiner breakaway cable then I found Al-Ko the cheapest at £6.20 with free postage.

    I priced the same thing( Al-Ko )at a dealers and it was £7.20.


  4. Sorry Ian it wasn't clear was it.
    I meant that I loop mine round the towball neck.
    I can't see a dedicated attachment point that could be used, so I'll stick with what I got.


  5. Thanks Ian, just ordered a cable, I have a detachable tow hitch with the attachment point, dave
    something else to tinker with, I love it

  6. Hi Ian
    Like you I have ben tinkering around the van and had a thorough look around and found that Bailey had not fixed the plastic beige covers over all the shelf fixings especially the shelves at a low level near the bathroom door and the shelves opposite the cooker , I know you cant see them unless you get on your hands and knees and look under the shelves but I was a little disappointed as it is finishing touches to me.
    I mentioned this to my dealership and they checked the orion fleet they have and it would appear that the same 'Issue' is on all Orions , they have provided me with 14x plastic covers and I fitted them my self, this would appear that it may be a Bailey Thing .... may be worth checking yours as like you we have the 440-4.

  7. Paul,

    Just had a check and they are missing on ours as well.

    Another for the warranty list.



  8. Paul,

    Have a look at the sides of the front windows behind the curtains,you will find some more uncovered holes.

    Noticed them yesterday.