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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Wheel Covers

The wheel covers we have at present for the the Orion seem to blow away unless I anchor them with bricks so I was interested in these I saw on the Specialised site:-

Specialised Wheel Covers

Have ordered a pair so I will report on them in due course.


Saturday, 2 February 2013

What If ....................................

After the Manchester Show,and wondering if there was to be an Orion facelift this year or next,I began to ponder what I would like to see in any new incarnation of the Orion,here are a few things I thought of ( apart from better workmanship ) :-

1. I think the new panoramic front window would look good even at the expense of the above window locker,but would it add to the weight or reduce it ??

2. Replace the Belfast sink in the washroom with a bowl shaped one so even if the van is not quite level the water will still drain.

3.  Go back to a window/blind in the door as there was in the prototypes.

4. Shock absorbers as standard ( Bailey say they are OE now but I would have to check ).

5. The new 4Kw Whale heater.

6. Exterior door hinged at the other side so it doesn't foul the front window and with a means of securing the top half.

7. Lagged heating ducts.

8.Two plug holes in the shower tray as in more upmarket models to aid draining when the van isn't quite level or a single central plug hole with a slightly dished shower tray.

9. In the 440/4 at least,a wider door to the front nearside "wet" locker.

10.  Steady support pads as standard ( they only have to be bought so why not provide them ).

11. Fit the "green cap" to the 13-pin plug as standard.

12. Offer Al-Ko ATC as a factory fitted option.

13. An Al-Ko steady winder instead of that skin trapping contraption that is at present provided.

14. A grille or mesh cover to the heating exhaust to keep creepy crawlies out especially when in storage.

15. Be able to access the spare wheel via a trapdoor from inside the van.

I don't think the above would add much,if any,mass especially if Bailey used the new lighter weight Al-Ko chassis as fitted to the grander models.

Has anyone any further suggestions ??




I have recently bought one of these Ecocamel shower heads for the Orion that Bailey fit as standard to their posher vans,so someone thinks they are OK

Ecocamel Jetstorm E

They are supposed to use less water and give a better spray so perhaps we won't have to fill the Aquaroll as often.

The original plan was to get one for the van and one for home as we have an electric shower but I thought I would buy just the one and see what it was like at home first.

I am glad I did as it didn't work particularly well on our home shower so will just use it in the van.

I have kept the old shower head so if we ever change van we can swap them back.

When it has been put to use I will report on its performance.