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Friday, 27 July 2012

A Floeing We Will Go.

A few months ago I purchased a Floe device ( Floe ) for removing residual water left in the supply system after draining down in the traditional manner.

Having recently purchased a digital air compressor I thought I would give the Floe a test run.

After studying the enclosed DVD I set to work pressurising the system after having close off all the taps and closing the water heater dump valve.

Being unable to pressurise the system properly I went into the van to investigate where I discovered I had not closed the shower tap and the bathroom was soaked in water.

After drying the bathroom I carried on doing the other taps and the water heater but because most of the water had come out of the shower there was only about 25mls or so of dirty brown water left in the system  which I wouldn't have fancied drinking.

I would estimate that including the water in the washroom and that in the water heater there would be about 200mls remaining in the system which is enough I imagine to cause problems in a cold winter.

As the van hasn't been used for a couple of months due to cancellations because of the weather/flooding then some of the remaining water will have evaporated I suppose.

So in conclusion the Floe does actually work in removing water left in the system.

Next time I use it  I will make sure the taps are all shut so I can measure more accurately the remaining water.

I shall sleep a bit easier in my bed next winter knowing that there is much less likelihood of frost damage during any cold weather we may have.

The Floe is around the £40 mark which for what it is is quite expensive but still less costly than having a frozen water system repaired.


Colin's Mattress

Colin has informed me that his Orion mattress which was advertised in an earlier posting has now been sold.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Rain Sodding Rain

Well we had planned to go to Hawthorn Farm CC site at the weekend but I thought I had better check on the state of play this morning so I gave them a ring.

Bad news,they have a lot of grass pitches which they were closing as they were waterlogged and even the hard standings were very muddy.

The warden said the state of the site was "dreadful" and thanked me for ringing as she was about to start ringing around cancelling people.

I imagine that that most sites are much the same,plus if you get on and it rains some more,will you get off again.

We may eventually get away about October.


Friday, 6 July 2012

Helpful Tips

In the "Comment" section under the Oven Shelf post,Paul Medcalf has made one or two helpful suggestions that are worth reading.

For some reason I can't cut & paste them into a posting.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Just For Information:Oven Shelf

SWMBO wants an additional shelf for the Spinflo Duplex oven in the Orion and I was placed on this Earth to comply with her wishes.

The Bailey Parts site showed two different shelves for the Orion,one was the "Orion Duplex Oven Shelf,Part Number 1040399 at about £26 or so" and the other was "Oven Shelf 370mm,Part Number 1040072 at about £10";both plus P&P.

Not knowing which to order I contacted Bailey who said the former was the correct one ( the dearest one of course ) and they have removed the other from their site.