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Monday, 10 March 2014

Orion 460/5 Bunk Query.

A member of Caravan Talk has posted the following query regarding making up the bunk cushions on a 460/5.

Can anyone help ??

We decided to make up the offside bunks this evening as a surprise for the little ones.

We got the top bunk all sorted out fine but are having big problems with the cushion configuration on the bottom bunk, it seems whatever we try and do we either end up with the cushions too deep or too shallow and cannot work out whether we need to use the back rest or not.

Losing the will with it all a bit....can anyone advise, it does not say how to do it in the manual

Thank you very much for your help.




  1. The cushions on this van for the bunks are not sprung, just foam. They split so half is used on top bunk, half on bottom. Backrest is not needed at all. I usually stand it in the shower cubicle or put it in the car overnight. I have this van but have never used bunk. Interestingly the new replacement of this van has no bunk.

  2. Mr/Mrs Anon,

    Thanks for your input regarding the bunk conundrum.