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Thursday, 27 March 2014

VW Passat Alltrack Blog

We have a VW Passat Alltrack on order for delivery in May.

As they are a bit of a niche vehicle,I will be starting a Passat Alltrack blog when I get round to it to run alongside BOB,so if anyone has one and wants to contribute then feel free.



  1. Hi Ian hope your well and looking forward to 214 adventures .
    Just wanted to mention regarding your round to it my parter brought me a Round Tuit you can borrow it if you like :-)

    Keep up the good work looking forward to the news views and blog thouighout 2014 Regards

  2. 2014 adventures not 214 although would be great

  3. Paul,
    I can better that,I have a full set of "Round Tuits" complete with cutlery and place mats.


  4. Picked up my new Alltrack a couple of weeks ago and it now has 215 miles on the clock, thrilled with it so far, a bigger test coming up soon when towing a boat to Italy!