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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Triangular Cushion Problem Updated.

Wunny,one of my correspondents,has done us all 440/4 owners a big,big favour by sending me a description of how to make the rear bed up in the 440/4 without the triangular cushion falling on the floor.

This was discussed on the blog a while ago,here is what he has said ( with photo's) :-

For new readers, the solution to this problem is to move the forward seat cushion to the table and the 'triangular' (trapezoid) shaped cushion goes onto the forward seat, such that it held in by the seat side panel.

Fill in the rest of the bed with other cushions as appropriate. The small back rest wedge goes in the bottom left hand corner.

Manny thanks for that Wunny,especially the pictures,much appreciated.



  1. Easy when you know how , Fantastic what a simple but effective idea. I to would like to say thanks Wunny ..... You just saved me £361 for a mattress off the Bailey Web site .. I will buy you a beer or tooooo If our paths ever cross Happy Caravanning for 2014

  2. Paul,
    Yes I was also glad to see the pics as well.
    We don't usually use the rear bed but SWMBO wants to take grandkids later in the year so it was doubly welcome.

    I have kept the pictures on my phone so I can refer to them when in crisis.

    It is a pity that Bailey can't put a description somewhere in the manual to avoid all this palaver.


  3. My pleasure chaps!

    We put an Aldi memory foam mattress, cut to shape on the top, for a softer bed. The mattress (in its cover) is inside a duvet cover, (£11.99 from Argos) Both the mattress cover and the duvet cover can be cut to shape, if someone is handy with a sewing machine, or iron on hemming tape, else just tuck the excess under the cushions.

    With the mattress in the cover, there is no messing with fitting a sheet when making up the bed. The mattress can be rolled up and stored easily (in the shower) during the day, so that you get your seats and table back in use. Photos here:

  4. OMG, this is brilliant! The cushions on the double bed were such a bugbear that we took to using the front king sized all the time. Now I know this I shall definitely be using that bed again. I had asked about the cushion arrangement at the Bailey stand in the NEC but they didn't have a clue, just the unsatisfactory arrangement we were already using. Wunny, you,sir, are a star.