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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Bailey Wheel Arch Cover.

Whilst we were away at Sandringham I spotted a Bailey Unicorn sporting a Bailey wheel arch cover which looked rather smart.

( This isn't the actual one I saw )

Ordered one from Bailey ( along with some other stuff so the postage wasn't too painful ).

Will take some photo's on our next trip.

Incidentally we have found that one of the curtain clip/runners on the front curtains has broken so the leading edge of the curtain hangs down.

If this happens to anyone else the runners are available from Bailey ( couldn't find anywhere else ) for 6p each ( plus of course £5 postage so order with something else ).



  1. Hello Ian, I also find the cover nice and neat but a bit of a job to fit, a small tyre lever is useful when fitting. If you find a easier way please post as the tyre lever has been my best option so far, Dave