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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Battery Box Door Update

Some of you may recall the battery box door incident where the battery left the van and was deposited on the mean streets of Castleford.

Well I fitted the door restraints that I mentioned and they would seem to do the job admirably should it happen again.

You may not be quite able to see in the picture but the blue things are connected with a clear plastic strip so if the door springs ajar again it shouldn't fall completely open.

Should be factory fit in my opinion ( with royalties to me of course ).

If they prove not to work or fall off the were only £1.80 or so I think so it is no great financial loss.



  1. Just like to say thanks for your excellent blog. We have just bought a Bailey Orion 450/5 and I will be putting in to practice some of your excellent tips, I especially like the one about insulating the hot air ducting pipe.


  2. Jonathon,

    Thank you for your comments.

    I think the insulation has definately made a difference to the heating.


  3. I managed to break the locking mechanism on the battery box within an hour of getting my new van home. I pulled on the key and snapped all the little plastic fingers that retain the barrel in place. Soon sorted though - a suitably sized washer retained by a circlip (well actually I made the circlip from some garden wire). Anyway, it's stronger than the original now!

    I also managed to kick a table leg and break off the mounting fitting in that same hour! Chunky sawdust (Chainsaw debris) mixed with PVA and pushed into the ripped out screw hole and left to set, can be screwed into once more and is stronger that the original chip board, that the table top is made from.

    I loves a good bodge I do! lol

  4. Hello Ian,

    I am having door trouble with my Unicorn S1. The big door under the double bed came open recently whilst travelling. It was damaged as a result and is now gaffer taped shut.

    Where did you get you closing thing from - the ones you have used on your battery door?

    Best regards


  5. Oops, just found the link to ebay elsewhere in this blog.