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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Window Pains (sic).

Another correspondent,Paul Medcalf, has kindly sent a description of a problem with the two panes of acrylic glass in the front window rubbing together:-

Something I wanted to share with you and your followers ,
at the end of last season we noticed that our by window on the Orion 440-4 had marks between the double skin so we have pursued a claim and there is possibly  a 6 week lead time for delivery depending if the supplier has it in stock.
Should any followers have the same problem I recommend then to discuss with their dealership to pursue a claim to replace the window. The information they will need is situated on a small window sticker generally found in the top Right hand side of the bay  window when viewing the window externally or the the top left hand side when viewing the window internally ;-)

Thanks Paul,


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  1. Hi
    If you don't have a serial number on the sticker inside the window (top right hand corner as viewed from the outside of the caravan), there is another sticker positioned on the left hand side (as viewed from the outside) of the window right close to the window hinge. To see the sticker you will need to fully open the window to its maximum and look at the hinge on the left hand side of the window. Its a white sticker with a bar code and a series of numbers. I too have the marks on the inside of windows and dealer has asked me to supply a picture of this sticker. I hope to get a replacement and hopefully better window in the not too distant future.

    Hope this info will help anybody else with a dodgy front window