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Friday, 1 June 2012


One of my correspondents has pointed out that in areas that can't be readily seen there is a lack of the 30mm diameter plastic screw covers in the Orion.

Well being a pedant I found 24 screw covers that were missing and just had to be attended to.

Funny that as soon as you know something is there it gets on your nerves.

There are six each side of the front window behind the curtains,three under the lower shelf to the left of the TV worktop,five under the shelf by the washroom door and three under the shelf in the wardrobe.

Having decided to rectify this I searched the internet for a supply with no luck,I came across some in Dickinsons last week.

However having purchased them and tried to fit them they turned out to be the wrong size.

The two pins on the back should be 9mm apart and not 8mm as these were.

I therefore had to resort to Baileys to purchase some and weather their £5 delivery charge ( although to be fair I ordered them at 10am on Wednesday and they arrived at 10am on Thursday ).

These are the ones :-

Pear 9mm KD Fitting Cap

I mistakenly thought the 9mm referred to the diameter of the top but after checking with Bailey parts it refers to the distance between the pins.

As the sum total of these items is around £1.50 at retail prices ( much cheaper I assume with the amount that Baileys must get through ) I think Bailey is being a bit cheapskate not fitting them on a caravan costing around £13K

Anyway continuing my pedantic theme,a while ago I noticed that a wire from the front light had come loose and was hanging down below the front of the van.

I taped this up but whilst underneath I noticed that where the bolts that secure the floor were situated the wood had splintered and was not covered by the black paint.

I know the floor is marine ply so should be resistant to water but I still gave these few areas two coats of Hammerite to be on the safe side.

One last thing,in the wardrobe up to the right there are some electrical wires that hang down and are not secured.I have taped these to the ceiling as if a coat hanger gets inadvertently caught in them it will pull them out.

There I can sleep more easily now.



  1. I wonder if the screw covers are supposed to be fitted and have been left off by the assemblers to save themselves time? If so they should've been picked up by QC. Or is their lack intentional as part of a pared back design?

  2. I think it is probably the latter as the dealer of the chap that first told me had checked all his Orion stock and they were all the same.

    I have visited two dealers in the last couple of weeks and all their Orions were the same so I think it is intentional.

    At £1.40 a caravan I wouldn't have thought it was worth the adverse comments when discovered.