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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mosquito Net

Took Justin's advice and fitted the Fiamma mosqito net today,looks rather good if I say so myself.

Used heavy duty Velcro as opposed the the supplied screws.



  1. Thanks Ian,
    Looks interesting, how much are they?
    I am thinking about getting a bailey one fitted on the vans first service, they should have came with one fitted?.

    We had set of carpets made from a off cut, keeping the bailey ones at home safe. NO MORE rug chasing its lovely, I tried to show a picture on here but never had any luck.

    End of roll £40 + £80 to have it cut the same as the orion with edging

    We also have a matching rug in the bathroom + 1 at the front door over the black door mat.
    Really pleased as we no longer have to worry about covering with Rugs.
    Link below is where I took Orion carpets as a template with the off cut, he sorted it while I went for a walk around the town.

  2. Dave,

    The Fiamma net is round about £30 from most places inc, postage.

    Curiously Argos sell them but they never have any in stock locally ( West Yorks )where they are £24.99 plus P&P.$ja=tsid:11527|cc:|prd:5201206|cat:sports+and+leisure+%2F+camping+and+caravanning+%2F+caravanning+%2F+caravan+accessories+%2F

    I managed to win a new one off E Bay for £13 plus £3 P&P so it might be worth keeping a look out there.


  3. Nice job Ian, for the money they are very good aren't they?

    Just out of interest, where do you store your small front table when not in use? I found if I lift the cover hiding the pull-out bed slats, there is a slot there that is the perfect size for it. I just lined it with bubble wrap to protect the table and keep it in there. It seems it was designed for it, but no-one told me!


  4. Justin,

    We usually put the small table in the space where the big table goes but will have a look at your suggestion.thanks.


  5. Really interested in the photo of the door - have just bought a new Bailey 440 and I note you have hangers on the door - none in the new model - are these original or have you fitted them yourself???

  6. Hello,

    The hangers were original,there when we bought it.

    Three more in the washroom as well.

    Costcutting or left off ??

    I am visiting the dealers tomorrow I will have a look at the Orions on show and see if they have hangers and let you know.


  7. Hello again,

    Visited dealers this morning and checked all the Orions they had on display.

    They all had three coat hooks on the back of the outside door.


  8. Thanks Ian. We did the same and visited our local dealer - all had the coat hooks. Contacted the dealer we bought the Orion from (not our local) and they had no idea there should be any - none of the models they had displayed the hooks. Waiting for them to get back to me next week. In the mean time I will contact bailey directly

  9. Hello,

    If you have any problems they are available from Bailey Parts at a reasonable price.

    Not that I think you should have to pay for them but sometimes it does save a headache rather than arguing.