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Friday, 22 June 2012

Rain Dear

Well we should have gone to Cawood Park this weekend for three days including a visit to York Cycle Show on the racecourse but the weather is so appalling we decided not to go and keep our powder dry.

Cawood Park

It has not stopped raining for two days solid and when I checked with Cawood Park yesterday they said they weren't flooded ( Cawood village is prone to floods ) but the site was very muddy.

We were using some vouchers that I got from the Manchester show topped up with some cash and they said we could carry it all over to a future stay which I thought was very reasonable.

As I write this the weather is absolutely foul,it looks more like November than June.

For once I am glad to be inside bricks and mortar rather than the Orion,except the conservatory roof has now decided to leak.


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