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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Isabella Confusion

When we first purchased our Orion we also bought an Isabella Magnum porch awning.

The Fixon 2 brackets that were supplied with it had one thin pad and one thick pad.

I presumed ( eventually ) that the thick pad went on the bottom and the thin pad on the top to provide the step for the Alu-Tech rail.

However the pads never seemed to fit correctly against the side of the van but I presumed that this was how things were.

Recently we bought an Isabella Eclipse Magnum to fit on the front of the awning or direct to the van itself to provide a sunshade.

To connect to the van two Fixon 2's were needed so I bought a couple as they weren't provided.

These had two thick pads on them which,although giving a step,wasn't as deep as the original thick and thin set up.

After some helpful advice from CT,I went up to the van and discovered that there is a much better fit between the van and the Fixons using two thick pads ( or two thin it doesn't really matter,I went for thick as I thought it provided a little more protection for the side of the van ).

Ordered some thick pads from Lowdhams in Nottingham ( spare pads are not easy to find on the net  so gave them a ring ) who said they always use the thick pads.

The pads aren't cheap though at £1.42 each.

Hopefully the awning will sit better against the side of the van now.

Possibly everyone else knows all about this but I am always the last know anything.

Incidentally talking of awnings,Isabella seem to have produced a more up to date series of videos about erecting their awnings and incidentals.

They are available via You Tube,just put your awning model into "Search".


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