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Friday, 23 March 2012

Worktop,A Bit Of Advice & Bulbs

SWMBO and I called over to YC Leisure yesterday for a bit of a browse and a plateful of chunder for dinner.

I must admit the grub is rather good in the cafe.

Whilst I was there,apart from purchasing the insurance of a spare water pump,I enquired as to how much it would be to replace the worktop that I damaged when a cup fell on it.As I feared SWMBO was not over enamoured with my efforts at a repair and would like it "done properly".

I was told that they do repairs,obviously not invisible but no doubt better than my effort,so I will see about that in due course.

I was surprised at the price of a new worktop which I imagined would be well over £100 at Baileys prices,but no they are round about £40.What did come as a shock was that it would take THREE HOURS labour to fit it at about £48 an hour so a round total all told of about £200ish.Now I am no expert in caravan repairs but three hours seems a touch on the generous side but I could of course be totally wrong.

I did mention to SWMBO that perhaps I could do it myself.

Suffice to say I won't be doing it myself.

Whilst chatting to the service girl I enquired about warranty repairs as we have a few minor things to look at ( one being "the gap" to right of the wardrobe mentioned earlier but more of that later ).

She said that any parts that needed to be ordered can take up to eight weeks to be delivered so as our van is due to be serviced in September it would be advisable to take it a couple of months previously to assess what warranty parts may be needed and get them ordered prior to the service.

Now to "the gap".

Whilst browsing around I looked in at an Orion 440/4 and lo and behold that also had a gap between the plastic strip and the roof just like ours.

The mystery deepens.

I will see if I can get a photo over the weekend,I took some with my phone at YC Leisure but for some reason they wont download to my computer.

Incidentally the spare bulbs for the roof lights I mentioned in a previous sermon were £2.99 each at YC compared to 50p at the online place.



  1. Hi Ian

    I don't think it's that hard a job to replace the worktop. As far as I can see (on our 430-4 which is the same worktop) there are 3 covered screws just below the worktop - 2 on the side and 1 under the corner shelves.. Pop off the big brown caps and the screws are underneath. I use a credit card to prise these caps off as they are quite a tight click-fit. There are also 2 screws in the top corners inside the gas locker. You could always have a go - nothing to lose!



  2. Justin,

    You say nothing to lose but I have a bit of a reputation for thinking the same and making a total bollocks of it which then costs me even more money to fix.

    I will have to give it some thought and ponder on the repair route as well,depending on how much that is.


  3. Lol! I know what you mean Ian, it's only 5 screws as far as I can tell - if you can get the old one off then you're cooking on gas!

    Let us know if you decide to give it a go and how you get on.

    All the best


  4. Justin,

    The pivotal words in your statement are "as far as I can tell".

    I am not making excuses for the dealers,but there must be a reason why they charge three hours labour.If I get it off and can't get the other on then a divorce lawyer is going to cost me a packet.

    My life so far has been littered with expense trying to save money by "doing it myself".

    I once tried to repair a fishing reel so took it apart,couldn't find where this spring went so sent it back to the firm who kindly replaced it.When I got it back I wanted to know where the spring went...................I am sure you can guess the rest.

    The only thing I seem to be able to resurrect ( sometimes ) are computers.