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Friday, 2 March 2012

Preparation For Spring

Went down to the van today to remove the winter wheels and refit the usual kind.

Not a difficult job I admit,but firstly I left the keys for the winter wheels at home and had to go and fetch them.Then in order to use the caravan jack I had to hitch the van up to the car to avoid it skewing round.Due to a lack of space this needs to be done on an angle and could I line it up,could I buggery.Fortunately there was a fellow caravanner on the next row who guided me back,thank you that man.Anyway I got it all jacked up when someone returned with their van from further down the row.I explained I was just doing a job but he had a face like granite so I had to disconnect again,drive around,let him pass,call on my friend again,and reconnect.

The worst bit of the job was reattaching the wheels to the drums as they are bolts not studs so you need about six hands to align the wheel to the bolt holes,insert the bolt and tighten it slightly to hold the wheel.I am looking into finding some alignment pegs to make the job easier ( I am sure Bailey could provide these really ).There are various sizes so I have e-mailed Bailey to ascertain the correct size.

I will keep my bloggers informed of progress.

I promised to report on the repair of the work surface dent,so here it is:-

I must admit it is not as quite as good a finished result as I had hoped but it is better than what Bailey would want for the part plus fitting.

Whether SWMBO will see it quite like that remains to be seen.

Every thing else was shipshape so here's to a good year.



  1. What did you use to repair the dent? We have a dent in the work surface of the van we just bought.

  2. Anonymous,

    I used something called Colorfill ( I think it was ) from B&Q.

    It didn't pass the SWMBO test though,and to be honest it didn't look that good,so we had the top replaced with a new one.

    Depending on your skill and the dent you may of course do a much better job than me.

    It is perhaps worth a try to see how it turns out.