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Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Small Query

Whilst away the last few days we noticed that just to the right of the hob there is a plastic strip that runs from floor to ceiling just to the left of the wardrobe,this strip finishes about half a centimetre from the ceiling in our van leaving the bare wood underneath exposed.

As these strips are,presumably,cut by some sort of computer program I can't see it being "cut short" and if it was it certainly shouldn't have been installed like that.

I wondered if there was a fitting of some sort that went into the gap that had fallen out ?

Could someone have a look in their Orion and tell me if their plastic strip goes from floor to ceiling or not.

I meant to take a photo but forgot,I will do so next time I visit the van in storage.



  1. Hello Ian,
    will try and remember to have a look at the plastic strip next time at van. I take it you have sorted the water problem ok, We had the same problem last time we was on site, pump kept running on, will try and sort on our next trip
    Love reading on your site

  2. Dave,
    Thanks for that.

    Yes the water pump etc.worked perfectly,no trouble at all.

    I did however take good note of Whales advice that the pump goes into the Aquaroll prior to connecting to the van,and the van is disconnected prior to removing the pump from the Aquaroll.


  3. Ian, I had a look at our "strip" and ours goes floor to ceiling - no gap. We do have one that's cut short a bit on the shelf in the bathroom. I think I'll get this changed at first service.

    Hope this helps