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Monday, 12 March 2012

Whale Pressure Switch Adjustment .pdf

With reference to my last post,Whale replied to my pleas and told me the pressure switch needed adjusting.

They also sent me a .pdf describing what to do and other useful info.

If anyone wants me to e-mail them a copy for future reference then just get in touch and I will be happy to do so.



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  2. Hello Ian,
    I would love the Info from Whale as my Orion 430 had the same problem last weekend, also had to switch off to stop it running. I was thinking about having a outside elec socket fitted on my first service, where did you have your one fitted on the van. Love reading about your outings, Many Thanks as good to hear from a fellow Orion Owner, All the Best Dave

    1. Dave I made-up my own 2 way extension lead to give me a 3 pin socket in the awning should I need it.I cut 1 metre of cable from my 25 metre elec supply lead,and refitted the plug.I then bought 2 sockets ixmale and 1x female (screwfix £4) and fitted these to the 1 metre cable.I then took a length of 13 amp 3 core round cable and soldered it into the short cable female socket togetherwith the short length of mains cable .On the end of the remaining short cable I fitted a 3 pin rubber twin socket.This all cost about a tenner and you can add or replace the fitting as and when.One word on saftey.I fit a portable circuit trip into the 3 pin socket when in use.This is the one I use when plugging in the garden lawnmower.If soldering is a little off putting you could still make-up the short extension and buy a 2 way splitter.Type into google search.a guy on the caravan forum went this way.Tested last weekend and works a treat.If anyone wants to view it I can photograph it next time down the van.Its interesting reading the site and how common the problems are.

  3. We had the same problem when we collected the van from new.You would think all would be sorted!The fitter adjusted a screw on the inside of the vans Whale connector.I would appreciate a copy of the correct procedure to be sure of adjusting it myself.

  4. Many Thanks Bill for the info, would love to see photo showing your cable next time you are out in the van, no hurry as ok at the moment. Ian has sorted mains water feeding his water tank looks good, been wondering about the lay flat pipe that plugs into the Orion. It might be a problem as you need to unroll 7.5 mts and avoid going round corners, anyone have any thoughts on water pipes.
    Thanks Again, Dave

  5. Not noticed any problems that way on my 430/4 but it does pulsate when pumping the cold water to an outlet, will investigate that later :-)

  6. Water all sorted my Pressure Switch had broken up inside had the dealer replace the unit, Water now working ok, At Last!!!!!!! Must Say Whale were very helpful 10/10

    Just back from a few days at the C/C Bearsted Site no other Orion's on site then on my last Day 2 x Orion's (430-4) arrive making 3 with mine. a few more and we could have had a Bailey Club Outing but run out of time and had to leave without chatting, not good I love a natter

  7. Dave,

    Glad to hear you got it sorted though that sort of thing shouldn't be happening to a relatively new piece of kit.