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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Whale Heater : Battery Usage.

Someone on CT was enquiring what the Whale blown air heating system would take out of the battery on an Orion without EHU.

There was a very useful reply from Dave which I repost here with permission :

 The Whale space heater takes 0.01amps when it's on, and 1.6 amps with the fan running. If you assume a 50% duty cycle (i.e. fan running about half the time - depends on how cold it is), you are looking at about 0.8amps average = about 20ah a day.

So assuming a 110ah battery and not running the battery down less than half way and considering that there is other usage ( 12v TV,water pump,toilet,lights ) then that is about two to three days on continuously,depending upon how cold it is of course.



  1. Hi Ian
    I Have been following your blog on the run up to taking del of our 440/4 which we picked up on 30th nov we put it on our local cc site for the w/end, and one thing we found with the whale heater was that even on 2000w setting the front of the van was not very warm, the rear dinete was fine so as we caravan most of the year we might have to look at adding more heat to the front

  2. John,
    Welcome to the blog.

    We have never found the front of the Orion cold and SWMBO usually sits there to watch TV,if it was anywhere approaching cold I would really know about it.

    Then again we have never been out in REALLY cold weather.

    If you have not already done so you could check that the heating pipe to the vent under the TV is firmly attached.

    Another thing is if you aren't using the bathroom or the rear of the van you could shut those heating duct flaps off therefore pushing more heat out to the front.

    Finally of course you could sit in warmth at the rear of the van and let the wife/girlfriend/partner sit at the front with some gloves and a coat on.

    No brainer really.


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