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Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Couple of Tips.

Thought I would publish a couple of tips I picked up off CT which I thought may be useful.

Apologies if you consider it to be teaching your grandmother to suck eggs ( have you ever seen a grandmother suck an egg,I haven't) but they were useful to me.

The first was to lubricate the black rubber seals around the windows to keep them supple and prevent cracking.

It was suggested that an ideal lubricant to use was the Thetford spray that is used to lubricate the toilet cassette blade seal.

Did ours today,not forgetting the door seal,only took about fifteen minutes.

Another tip was when parking the caravan in storage for any length of time,park it so it is tilted either forward or backwards so that the rain runs off and water does not pool on the roof.

Some vans have a ridge at the rear so would be best tilted forward but as the Orion has a rounded profile at both ends I have tilted it to the rear so water doesn't run on to the Al-Ko -ATC light or the front window although as they are open to the elements I don't suppose it matters that much.


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