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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It Doesn't Fit.

A couple of posts back I enquired if anyone had considered relocating the spare wheel to under the dinette seat nearest the door.

Well I had a try today with one of the wheels which I had removed for the winter,and it doesn't fit under the seat,nowhere near.

So it looks like the Al-Ko spare wheel carrier will reign supreme for a good while longer.



  1. I might have missed something in an earlier post, but why do you want to put the spare in van and not leave it on its propper Alko carrier?

  2. Hello and welcome to BOB.

    From what I have read on Caravan Talk and elsewhere,the Al-KO spare wheel carrier is a complete sod to use when,for instance ,you have a puncture.

    If the flat is on the near side where the carrier is,the carrier is too low to the ground to remove it without jacking the van up and scrabbling about on the ground.

    Many people have removed the carrier and now transport the spare in the car or inside the van.

    The car is a no-go for us so I considered inside the van but it seems that is a non-starter as well.



  3. Just make sure your car insurance covers caravan too and leave to the experts they should get to you within the hr and have flashing lights in a tricky place.

  4. Meant to say make sure you get car breakdown cover that also covers the caravan.

  5. Yes we have CC Mayday but it would be nice to be able to replace a wheel hassle free,and let's face it you should be able to.

    Bailey must have seen the light as they offer a different system on the Unicorn 2.

    There have been some complaints about the Al-Ko carrier by Doug King in Practical Caravan as well.

    By the way,don't stop "Anonymous",it would be nice to know a name.