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Monday, 26 November 2012

Saving Your Alloys.

Seeing as the Orion's alloy wheels are sat in the garage covered in sacking I thought I would give them the once over.

Noticed a few marks and scuffs where the socket has caught them when torquing the bolts up.

Have touched these up with some wheel paint and given them a coat of varnish.

Had a look round on the web as to how to avoid it happening again.

Came across this on e-bay :-

19mm "Soft" Socket

It is a standard 19mm socket covered in a plastic sleeve to avoid damaging the alloys when in use.

Have ordered one so I will see how it goes.

The same thing is available in Halfords but are about £2 dearer.

[ I have no connection with the e-bay seller at all ]



  1. I just found your blog entry after searching for ways to save my own alloys. I had no idea and this is a great suggestion, I will check them out.

  2. James,

    Welcome to the blog.

    Glad you found the suggestion useful.

    The socket arrived promptly and looks a sturdy bit of kit.

    When I refit the wheels I will give a report on it first hand.