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Monday, 5 November 2012

Is This A Wheely Good Idea ??

Have been pondering the contentious position of the spare wheel and the dreaded Al-Ko carrier on the Orion.

I know some people with fixed beds remove the wheel from under the van and place it under the bed as there is plenty of room.

I was today looking at the space under the rear dinette seat on the 440/4 ( the seat nearest the TV over the axle ) and wondered if it would fit in there ?

I have measured one of the wheels that I have removed for winter which suggests it might just fit,but only just.

Before I mess about carting wheels about I wondered if anyone had their spare wheel stored under the dinette seat in the 440/4 or alternatively had tried and found it a no go?

Any replies appreciated.



  1. Ian,
    I had to take my Orion back to the dealers for a small warranty job so had the Shocks fitted at the same time. 1 hrs labour £54, the van seemed to ride better, could be my imagination as only a 2mile drive? Anyway glad I have upgraded as its got to be better in the long run having them.
    Just had last weekend away, frost at night but still nice and warm in the orion, Vans going to bed this weekend (where did the summer go). Dave

  2. Dave,

    Yes the shocks do make an appreciable difference in my opinion.

    I think they should be fitted a standard or at least as an "official" upgrade.

    What "summer" there was as you say seems to have vanished remarkably quickly.

    Still over the winter it gives a chance to do little jobs that get overlooked in the summer.