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Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Gap Is Back.

Those of you sad souls who read my musings on a regular basis will remember from a while ago the gaps that were apparent at the tops of the plastic T-shaped trims to the right of the bathroom door and to the left of the wardrobe in the 440/4.

These were replaced under warranty at the first service,there was certainly no gap at the top when I collected the van

Well I presumed they were changed,I now begin to wonder as when I visited the van last week the gaps were back.

I have now surmised what the problem is.

The gap at the end of the trim should be at the bottom,presumably to accommodate the carpet,but over time the trim slowly slides down and the gap appears at the top.

On my next visit to storage I will remove the trims and apply some adhesive before refixing which should cure it once and for all.


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