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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Al-Ko Solar Light

Here is a review of the Al-Ko Solar Light that I posted on CT :-

During the Al-Ko "12 days of Christmas" promotion they had on offer the Al-Ko Solar Light.

I had been thinking about one of these for a while but the price of a shade under £90 understandably put me off.

During the offer period it was substantially reduced plus I got a further 10% off with an offer code which brought it down to just over half price so I thought I would give it a shot.

The photo and description on the Al-Ko site don't do this piece of kit justice at all,it is seriously impressive.

The lit area is a shade under 14cm across and it comes with all manner of connections to facilitate charging by various methods.

It is also provided with quite a hefty 26cm x 14cm 3W solar panel and the associated connections.

The torch can also be used to charge mobile phones,mP3 players etc.,all the leads are provided.

I hesitate to say it is worth £90,it is after all a torch,but if anyone is ummhing and aahing about one and wonders about the quality then don't worry.

I can see it lasting for a long time.

If anyone has any questions for what is a substantial financial layout then ask away.



  1. Ian
    The reason it is not long enough could be to allow the plastic to expand in hot weather i think i would wait until(if)summer arrives and see if it closes up any

    John B

  2. John,

    I can see your point but the gap is just too big for seasonal expansion,it is about 1cm.

    It was there all summer before going for a service in September and never moved so I think I will still glue it.


    1. Ian
      It is just that on several M/vans C/vans we have had there were times that the plastic mouldings warped out of the wood frame when the weather was hot because it was to tight fit,the glue might hold but make sure it is compatable with both materials.
      John B

  3. John,

    Stuck the mouldings in with the Evo-Stick Liquid Nails ( )

    Seems to have done an admirable job.

    Hopefully no more slippage.


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