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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Saving Your Alloys #2

As I have recently touched up the paint on the Orion's alloys where it had got scuffed and chipped,I was interested in a tip that was in Practical Caravan this month.

A chap had affixed some non-slip matting to the rear of the Al-Ko wheel lock to stop it scraping on the wheel.

He had cut a section all in one piece but I thought this would be rather difficult and not fit very well so I took a sheet of non-slip and cut out a section for each of the flat areas on the back of the lock and stuck them all on separately with Evo-Stick and let them dry.

It seems to work rather well.

The lock still fits into the wheel and the non-slip protects the alloy.

The non-slip matting can be bought from the pound shop for err.... well ..................a pound.

Other outlets are available.


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