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Sunday, 30 December 2012

13-pin Extension Lead #2

As previously blogged,a month or so ago I purchased one of these :-

13-Pin Extension Lead

Used it today to check that the lights and ATC on the Orion were all OK and there were no surprises in store come the spring,all OK as I expect you are all dying to know.

It is handy for attaching the van when you are by yourself as you don't have to reverse up to the van and risk a collision.

Space is a bit tight on our storage and manoeuvring is even more awkward on the drive at home.

Should the need ever arise it will be useful to attach to the van at home if the ATC memory becomes full and you have to connect to the car for 12 hours to clear it.

Can be recommended and the Caravan Accessory shop can be also be recommended ( no connection ).

There is another outlet on the net that sells them ( I only ever found two ) but they messed me around twice after of course taking my money so beware.


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