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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Lagged Again.

Called down to the storage today and applied some zip ties to the exterior lagging I did last week.

Should keep it nice and secure.

As I had a roll of ThermaWrap left over I decided to do the pipes under the rear dinette seat,more to use the lagging up really as I don't suppose there is much heat loss in the short pipe runs.

[ Apologies for the quality of the pictures ]

One thing I did notice is that there was a small amount of condensation under the rear dinette seat even though the cushions were on end,definitely not a leak.

I put a condensation trap down there and removed the cushions completely to let plenty of air round.

Might be somewhere to keep an eye on.


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  1. The small amount of condensation shouldn't be an issue Ian. I guess there's always going to be times when some surface or other is warmer/colder than the air around it and water vapour appears. Just a few minutes sun on a cold day can do it. As long as there's no source of water vapour like animals or humans breathing then it should disappear as the temperatures equalise within the van. Who knows it may have been your body heat and heavy breathing as you wrestled the insulation and ties that caused it.