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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ten Year Warranty Contd.

Well the dealer has assured me that the "free" ( yes I know nothing is free really ) full  ten year water ingress warranty applies to our van so that is a relief but on enquiring, just out of interest, whether this warranty would be free for years from 6-10 on 2012 vans they were a little more hesitant and are making some enquiries.

Glad we plumped for a 2011 model even more now,not only did we save about £390 over the 2012 price increase,for no increase in spec. we were told, but we have definitely got the 10 year warranty whereas there appears to be a little doubt of the the full ten years being free for next years vans.

If I hear any more from the dealers regarding this topic I will post to the blog.



  1. When we were weighing up between the 2011 or 2012 Orion a few weeks back, part of the conversation with the dealer concerned the 10yr Warranty and they stated that the warranty extension is free of charge for vans purchased and registered in 2011 only - from Jan 1st 2012 it’s chargeable apparently.


  2. Just bought a 2011 orion.for its clever use of space and innovative body construction.The only thing that bothers me is that the servicing requirements of the guarantee are that it must be seen by a bailey dealer for three years.The first year costs £150,the second £250 and the third £350.Apparently this is to cover the examination and possible tightening of structural bolts.Surely this should be borne by Bailey.I have read that if enough vans pass the inspection Bailey will drop the excess charge.I am taking this up with the dealer who are not back until the 3rd of January.

  3. Stuart,

    Welcome to the blog.

    I wish you luck with the dealer.

    This has been brought up a few times on CT.I seem to recall someone saying that Bailey have yet to see a loose bolt so time will tell.
    I don't think it is quite accurate to imply that the servicing charges only cover bolt checking,there are other things that are serviced besides the bolts.Personally speaking I don't think the charges are all that bad,but then again were given a "free" first service from the dealer so I suppose I would say that.There is always the option to get it serviced elsewhere but then of course this will negate the warranty.

    Trying to wangle a bit of discount from the dealer would be your best bet I think,you will get little change from Bailey.


  4. Will have words with the dealer as nobody mentioned escalating service costs under the guarantee conditions.Problem is I bought the van from a dealer near Birmingham to get a good deal on one of the few 400s left at 2011 prices.Didn't really want to travel all the way from Lincoln to have them service it.Still think its a bit cheeky to release what is in effect an unproven prototype and expect buyers to stand the cost of the manufacturers checking to see if the structural framework is performing as expected.Any way from what you are saying I should have got the full ten year warranty. Will have to see what the outcome is.

  5. Stuart,

    Can see your point but that is the penalty of being an early adopter and it applies to computers through cars to caravans.We are only road testing Alu-Tech for the first few years and we are paying for it,that's how it goes.

    As regards your servicing,I was in Yorkshire Caravans the other week and a chap came in to ask if they could service a caravan that he bought new whilst on holiday in Wales.The answer was yes they could BUT if there were any faults found that could be traced back to a poor PDI he would have to return it to the supplying dealers for rectification.

    Now this van wasn't a Bailey but it might be worth checking out prior to any possible problems arising ( we had one or two minor ones,all rectified by the supplying dealer ).


  6. Hi Ian we have a 440-4 2012 model and our 10 year warrenty was included within the dicounted price of the van.


  7. Paul,

    Unless your dealer did you a special deal the 10 year "free" warranty no longer exists from about two months or so ago.

    It is now six years "free" and the remaining four years costs about £190 or so.

    Well done if you got ten years free unless of course you purchased your van prior to the change.


  8. i had a ten year warranty with my bailey unicorn which i got in 2011 but because i miss the dead line on my 6th year service my dealer will not honour the ten year warranty i miss by 6 weeks