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Monday, 8 August 2011

Got A Date !!

Well we eventually have a date to collect the Orion,23rd of August.

YC Leisure have been exemplary up until now and very patient with my numerous questions and e-mails,I dare say the salesman is spitting feathers in private.

Counting down the days.



  1. Hi Ian

    Will you be using an awning? We have an awning and the plastic step supplied with the van was barely high enough for me to reach the awning rail (I was on the tip of my toes and I'm 5'10").
    If you will be using an awning I suggest you get a double step as they're a bit higher.


  2. Colin,
    Thanks for that tip,that is just the sort of thing I hope the blog will lead to,Orion owners helping each other out.

    Anyway,yes we are getting an Isabella Magnum porch awning which i think will be plenty big enough for the two of us.I am just a bit taller than you at 6' so might be able to manage,if not it will be the double step as you suggest.


  3. Hello Ian,
    I have a 430-4 and wondering how your Isabella Magnum fitted did it miss the windows, easy or hard to put up? any help welcome, We love our Orion and finding this blog is handy for tips, I need to copy your battery clamps, All the Best, Dave

  4. Anon.,

    We have only put the Magnum up the once to see if there were any problems,took it down the same day.

    After all the horror stories you hear about awnings it was surprisingly easy.It missed the windows so there was no problem there,it fitted between the door and the front window.

    I took the precaution of previously marking the awning poles so I knew where they went.

    On tip,the clamps that fit to the awing rail have to be "stepped" so you have to remove some rubber bits and reposition them,don't throw the rubber bits away like I did and have to order some more thinking they weren't needed.