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Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Little Digression

I have heard via the media/forums of at least three caravans and tow cars turning over in the last few days.

Now of course I don't  know of the cause of these mishaps,but it got me thinking.

In nearly every other aspect of life today,health and safety pops up at sometime or another.In some situations yes it is a good thing,people should not be put in danger from sloppy,penny pinching employers whilst at work.In other situations,and I am sure we can all think of some,not so welcome and slightly ridiculous.

Therefore I find it amazing that anyone can purchase a second hand caravan via a private sale ( if bought from a dealer then surely some advice would be offered ) which may be totally unsuitable for the tow car,hitch it up when they don't know how to do it properly and set off at 60mph ( or more ) down the motorway with over a ton of caravan behind them and not have a clue.

I have read more than once on forums of people saying words to the effect of

"We bought a caravan over the weekend,going to The Lakes/Cornwall/Wales/Scotland on Friday,what do we do ?"

No idea about hitching up,loading,noseweight,MTPLM,speed limits,reversing,torquing wheel bolts,checking caravan tyre pressures,adjusting tow car tyre pressures,towing mirrors or anything else.

I have just read a post where a caravan detached before the owners had left their street.Suppose that had happened a few miles hence on a dual carriageway or motorway,they seemed to think it was amusing,I certainly don't.

Before buying our Orion I have spent months boning up on the subject of caravanning via books and forums,been on the CC training course and have been surprised at the complexity of "doing it right".That is not to say I know it all and I am a little apprehensive of towing it back from the dealers on Tuesday,that is only natural,but at least I am prepared.

I think it is time that some sort of basic mandatory training should occur before one is allowed to tow a caravan.Perhaps not go as far as a test but certainly some instruction.After all if a caravan comes adrift or worse on the motorway it is not only your life that is at risk but those of other people.

Here Endeth The First Lesson,


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