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Monday, 22 August 2011

A Bit Of A Hitch So To Speak

We were due to pick up the Orion tomorrow but the dealer rang this afternoon with the news that the AL-Ko ATC has not yet been fitted due to some tardiness and non-return of phone calls on the part of Al-Ko.

Only Al-Ko can fit it.

Will have to wait until the week after next before we can collect it so nothing to do but wait.

Insurance sorted,storage booked,recovery set up and no caravan,bummer.



  1. Stick in there........ Patience.

    Great time to get a van late summer - we got ours 12m ago last week (Bailey Olympus 534).

    We spent the next month off and on in Lakes - great start really.

    Van currently on a seasonal pitch at Helmsley.

    May see you towing as we're in Wakey near Low Laithes golf course.


    Wayne C

  2. Thanks for the comments Wayne.

    SWMBO is NOT amused by the delay,naturally it is all my fault.


  3. Hi again Ian - Just been searching the web to see what an ATC was as I've not heard of it before and it sounds good (if a bit expensive for another NHS pensioner!) but I hope you'll publish your findings on it when you get some experience of using it. I did however find that some people had had problems which are worth watching out for - if you've not come across them before check out the following link:-

    My wife and I have just ordered the very same model of caravan from Dickinson's in Bradford and are taking delivery in just over a week - not however getting an ATC fitted - just having my Motor Mover (a device I now couldn't live without )transferred from my old van.

    Good Luck and I hope your van turns up soon. We'll have to compare notes on how we both get on with our new Orions.

  4. Delivery delays are always frustrating, but stick with it and then make the most of it when it arrives. We are looking at the 430-4 as our next van, downgrading slightly mainly so that we can use a lighter towcar.

    Alan (the Kiaman).