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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Loose Ends Tied Up

Sorted the insurance out with Caravan Guard this morning,£219 as mentioned earlier,not a bad price by comparison with others.

Joined CC Mayday for breakdown and recovery,a bargain at £89 for the all bells and whistles service.The thought of sitting by the side of the road miles from home with a caravan problem,the wife creating in one ear and grand-kids possibly in the other and no one coming to help,no thanks.

Life is hard enough.

Ordered some Winter Wheels and two sets of Jackapads from The Caravan Shop.Seems a very good service,ordered last night,in the post this afternoon.The Winter Wheels were priced about £37 ( ),but strangely I have seen them at well over £100 plus delivery,here for instance:-

Not long to go now.



  1. Hi Ian - Sorry if these sound like daft questions but- 1) have you got a torque wrench? The wheels on the Orion are alloy and as I understand it the nuts on alloys need to be tightened carefully.
    2) Have you got a car jack as caravans should never be raised off the ground using the corner steadies - at least that's what I was taught on the caravan club training course!
    Good Luck & great blog.

  2. Hello John,thanks for your input,

    Yes bought a torque wrench,have been keeping up with the "wheels dropping off" scenario.Bought a Draper from Bailey so it should be OK.

    Also bought some things to fix to the wheelbolts so you can see if a bolt is loosening,like HGV's have.

    Ordered an Al-Ko Side Jack for the lifting business,hope not to use it in anger too much though.