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Friday, 24 August 2012

Upper Door Catch Adaptation

Paul Medcalf one of my correspondents has sent some instructions for fitting a catch to the upper split door of the Orion to stop it flapping about as the original catch is on the lower part of the door only.

Thought i would share with you and your followers. I have just added an additional external door catch to the top half of the ext door to prevent it swinging in the wind when the bottom half is closed to keep the dog in :-)
It was quite easy to fit and line up the parts came to about £22. plus a bit of glue and some mastic seal. . If your readers complete the project advise them not to forget to order the 2x spacers. Using the Spacer i placed a blob of strong glue to the back plate of the spacer and then surrounded it with white mastic seal not too much and then pressed it in to position on the outside of the van cleaning the excess mastic as i pressed it into position . I then used self tapping screws supplied by my retailer and carefully screwed the catches into position. Pics attached


As soon as I mentioned this adaptation to SWMBO I have naturally been banned from undertaking it.

Anything involving screws and sealant is no go.

She may have a point as I have just buggered the carpet up slightly putting down some double sided non slip carpet strips.



  1. At first I thought what a good idea :o) but then realised only good when bottom door shut because when joined as as single door you would have to open both catches at the same time to release the door to shut it.

    Difficult as would have to use both hands to release each catch at the same time.:o(

    Also not keen to do diy job when under warranty unless done by dealership with their appoval.

    1. Hi
      The reason I did the adaption was recently the top half of the door swung back as I was kneeling down and you can guess what happened when i lifted my head ............. yes Ouchhhhh i cracked my fore head open with a 3 inch gash mmmm so I thought that wont happen again . ;-)
      I take on board your comments about using both hands but really it is not a problem.
      The other reason we did it was we have a dog so we are on a lot of occassions have the bottom half closed to keep him in ;-)

    2. Sorry to hear that Paul. Can see a good idea if you have young children or dogs we don't. Think we won't be using as door half open without securing after your story. Ouchhh!