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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Damp Mattress

John has e-mailed me about  a damp mattress in his 430/4,can't say I have heard of it previously and apart from a leak,which John says he hasn't got,I am at a loss to see where it comes from,apart from a faulty mattress in some way.

Anyway here is John's e-mail in full if anyone has any suggestions.


Orion 430-4 Damp Mattress

Hello Just found your site. Have had our Orion for a month now, love the layout and van. Just one problem (so far). Damp Mattress. Bedding fine, front seating fine. The mattress just seems to absorb any moisture going. Has anyone else, to your knowledge, come up against this problem. Our dealer says he has never come upon this problem before and will be contacting Baileys on our behalf. Hope I am doing this "blogging" right, never done it before. Regards John



  1. Hello,
    We also have the 430, as we use it fairly regular we leave the bed made ready to go. Never had any problems so far, Mattress need a warm up in the colder months (been away with snow on roof no problems its still a warn van). Our van had a plastic cover over the mattress from new, if yours had the same maybe it just needs a good airing. Hope your enjoying the Orion, this is very good site for finding info all thanks to Ian. happy camping, dave

  2. My Orion 430/4 had a wet mattress, it was a leak from the joint between the wall and the roof.It was from the Alu-tech cover trim, the dealer pumped it full of mastic from the inside and has been fine since.I have spoken to five other Orion owners all with different model and all have had leaking windows, we had two windows that leaked.
    We find the space heater to noise at night so have brought a convector heater with a thermostat which is great, one owner i spoke to said the exhaust pipe from his space heater had filled with rain water and locked it self off, he unscrewed the exhaust pipe and drained of the water.

  3. Tip for the heater once vans warm, we close the air inlet flap at the side of the bed and leave heater on low setting, keeps us warm with little noise. First time I have heard about problems with a leaky orion,

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