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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Hargill House Caravan Club Site

Just returned from a two night stay at Hargill House a Caravan Club site just off the A66 about 1.5 miles from Scotch Corner in the Northern Pennines.

A well laid out clean and tidy site although if you have any form of physical disability you would be as well to pitch at the top end as it is on a slope and the facilities are at the top so there is a slight hill to climb if you are at the bottom.

As can be seen from the pictures we took the Isabella Magnum Eclipse instead of the Magnum awning itself as we were only stopping for two nights and it proved a good decision.

The Eclipse can fit straight onto the caravan itself ,as here,as well as onto the front of the Magnum and only takes minutes to set up and dismantle so if it rains,as it did,when packing up you can leave the Eclipse up until the last minute to provide some shelter and then take it down and it is easy to dry when you get home.

Pricey I suppose but it is Isabella and can be recommended.

We are still without running water due to the ongoing pump electrical problem but strangely it didn't seem to affect us too much.

During the stop I noticed water dripping from a pipe under the van next to the Truma Ultrastore dump valve pipe.

According to someone on CT it is the over pressure relief valve pipe.

I have no idea if this is relevent or not,just that I had not seen it before.

Will put it on the list for the service next week to be checked.

After we had hooked up the electrics to the car to come home I noticed the ATC light was showing steady red,never done that before.

Unplugged the electrics and left it a minute or two,plugged it back in and it went green,another thing to be checked.

Taking it for its first service week after next so will post as to what happens,if anything.

I have specified a pair of Al-Ko shock absorbers to be fitted as it tends to bounce a bit on uneven surfaces so we shall how that goes.



  1. The only problem with being at the 'top' of the site Ian are the vehicles tanking past a few feet the other side of the site stone wall. That A66 is a very busy road with a lot of heavy stuff going trans-Pennine. It was the first site we ever stayed in on a shakedown trip for our Transit campervan in 2006.

  2. Andy,

    Yes there I take your point but plenty of people were camped there and on my walks around the site the road noise didn't seem too bad.

    The A66 was screened by trees and a fence and I suppose if it was a toss up between road noise and struggling uphill with some sort of disability then the disability would win ( have I got that the right way round ?? ) LOL.


  3. Hi, Ian do get your dealer to check your wheel arches. Our dealer (Lowdhams Nottingham) has serviced several Orions that have split linings and has reported this to Bailey as a design fault and we ae waiting for a call back to have ours replaced. The dealers did stick some sealant over it but it did not look too sturdy so my ever resourceful other half has stuck some thick sealant tape over it to prevent any water ingress when travelling.

  4. Teddy,

    Welcome to the blog.

    Thanks for that,will put it on the list.

    Will use it as a post as well.


  5. I shall be interested to hear whether you think fitting the shock absorbers is a good mod.
    Been thinking about it myself.


  6. Paul,

    Yes I shall report back on the shockers,any improvement or not as the case maybe.