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Thursday, 16 August 2012

2013 Orion Range

The brochure for the 2013 Orion range can be downloaded from here:-

Bailey Brochures

The 450/5 seems to have gone and I am surprised there isn't a "two fixed single bed" model,I thought there would be for 2013.

The only difference in spec. I could see was that they now come with a Whale Aquasmart II on board water pump instead of the "drop into Aquaroll model".

I think I prefer the latter,easier to change if it goes tits up rather than a back to dealer swap for an on-board one,certainly whilst under warranty anyway,also one less thing to freeze up in the winter.

Bailey now publish MIRO noseweights and it is interesting to note that the smallest van in the range,the 400/2 has an ex-works noseweight of 79Kg whilst the biggest van,the 530/6, has a noseweight of 50kg.

Strictly speaking we,and I suspect many others,would not be able to tow the 400/2 as our noseweight limit is 75Kg.

As that is the MIRO noseweight I suppose there would have to be a bit of "loading behind the axle" to bring it down a bit but in such a small van that could mean stuff being too near the rear,not a good idea.

There is no mention as far as I could see of the Evo 4,perhaps that has quietly bitten the dust also


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  1. Hi bob ive just started to pimp my 2011 orion van,just had a door with a window in it and changed all the blinds to the slated remis 4 and put some led's in it. Next on my list is to reupholster the van to swift 2013 upholstery.
    By the way put some alko skocks on it can't tell the difference.