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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sleeping Bag ( No Not SWMBO in Bed )

Instead of faffing about with sheets,blankets,duvets etc. we recently purchased a double sleeping bag and liner quite cheaply from GO Outdoors.

Tried the arrangement out for the first time whilst at Cawood and it worked very well,much quicker and easier to use than bed linen and warm as well.

Had another try using the rear bed but have decided once and for all that the front is much the better option.

Have taken the "mobile cushion" home,never to be used again.



  1. Ian, Have you seen the (duvalay) video online, we have been using them for front bed when needed. No zips, easy to nip to the loo in the night, loads of room, comfy, Roll up and store under seats, might be worth a look. All the Best Dave
    ps nothing to do with the firm

  2. Dave,

    Just watched the video,they look very good but our double sleeping bag was only £20 or so so i think I will stick with that for now.



  3. We bit the bullet on Duvalays about 6 years ago and bought a pair at a Show with a bit of discount. Since then we've used them in our Transit campervan, Adria motorhome, two Eriba Troll 540's and even at home occasionally.
    We've found them excellent with none of the 'cold zip' and 'follow you around' problems we used to get with sleeping bags. Supra easy to get in and out of bed, no restrictivness (if that's a word) just plain comfy and cosy.
    We've had a number of friends who balked at the price but eventually succumbed and became instant converts.
    They are what caravan beds are for.
    It's true that they aren't small when rolled up, even truer if you buy the thicker/colder season versions now available, but ours just about squash into the bench lockers, although we often leave them unrolled and sit on them during the day. Lazy ikes!

  4. I know they are expensive and people think your mad spending that sort of money. I went to a music festival last month in a tent used my Duvalay, also used on our fixed bed when taking Van for service the next day.
    We used sleeping bags for the grand children on the front seats last time but going to make front bed up with the Duvalays next time.
    Ian, next time you are at a show have a peep, buy as Xmas Presents they are that good.

  5. Dave,

    I certainly don't think you are mad,if I want/need something then I am no stranger to spending money.

    Just spent an arm and a leg on a sat.nav.

    We are going to the NEC show in October so i will look at the Duvalays whils there.


  6. Good to know that the double sleeping bags worked out OK. I was always hesitant they might make falling asleep more difficult for some people (especially those that move around a lot ;)

  7. Jackie,

    Welcome to the blog.

    No,no problems falling asleep or any others come to that.

    Cheap(ish) as well.