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Monday, 9 January 2012

Well Let's Scotch That Rumour For A Start.

A recent poster on the CT forum had a friend who had been told that the Orion range could not have a mover fitted.

We have a Reich fitted to our 440/4 with no problem at all.

I did suggest that the 400/2 ( two berth ) may suffer from this as it is about 1m shorter than the other models in the range so may have a shorter chassis which could compromise fitment.

Someone replied that they had recently fitted a Powertouch to such a model so that is incorrect also.

So if you are told such a thing it is a load of twaddle.



  1. We have the 400/2 and have movers fitted with no problems

    1. We have an Enduro II fitted to our 430/4, nil problemo

  2. We have the 2 berth orion.They had to take off the spare wheel carrier to fit the Enduro mover.On another matter altogether.The whale space heater used only twice failed to operate on electric yesterday.Works on gas and the blower works but no heat.Does anyone know if I can have this looked at by a mobile service engineer or have I got an 80 mile round trip to a dealer.?

  3. Stuart,

    Welcome to the blog.

    Regarding your heater,there are some Troubleshooting tips in the handbook ( rudimentary but better than nothing ),Sections 4.8 and 5.11.

    Have you checked the fuse ?

    230v 10/13A cartridge fuse according to the manual

    Other than that you could try a post on Caravan Talk where someone may be able to help.

    Hope you get it sorted,