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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Filling A Hole #1

I can't remember if I mentioned in a previous posting that I had dented/cracked the work surface where the TV stands when a ceramic mug fell on it when I opened the locker above.

I was considering replacing it when the van is due for servicing but after looking around a bit I came across some stuff called Colorfill which is £7.00 or so from B&Q which supposedly does the job.They only had a very small selection of colours,including a light brown and a dark brown so I bought the dark.I suppose it could have done with being slightly darker but so be it.

This is the result after filling with one coat :-

The instructions say it may need two or three applications to complete the job and I think it will but I don't think it looks too bad already and much cheaper than a replacement worktop from Bailey which I imagine would have been well over £100 or so plus the fitting.

When I have added a couple more applications and the job is complete I will post some pictures and impressions of the final result.



  1. Good idea Ian, I am usually ready to catch anything that may fall out of the top lockers. By the way, have you sorted out any kind of awning for the Orion?

  2. Paul,

    Yes when we bought the Orion we bought an Isabella Magnum at the same time.We have only erected it once just to test it out but there weren't any problems,looks well on the Orion.
    It wasn't cheap at just under £1000 but the quality appears excellent.When I visit the Caravan Show on Thursday SWMBO wants me to look at some awning tiles for the floor.

    Thanks for reading the Blog.


    1. Hi Ian

      A tad more than we want to pay, we are looking at the quick erect ones that we have had previously, ie Starcamp/Pyramid.

      We are not a million miles apart so must meet up on a site and compare Orions :-)