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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Replacement Jockey Wheel At Last

Some of you may remember that I returned the original AL-KO jockey wheel to AL-KO via the dealers for a possible warranty replacement as the tread was coming off after only two uses.

This was over six weeks ago and naturally nothing had been heard from AL-KO so I asked the dealers to give them a nudge.Eventually I received ( well I had to go and collect it from the dealers ) a full replacement jockey wheel ( that is wheel and "stick" ).

The dealer said AL-KO had " forgotten" about me.AL-KO seem to do a lot of forgetting,like forgetting to respond to e-mails for a start.Their customer service is,in my experience,truly shocking.

As I had purchased a pneumatic jockey wheel in the meantime this new one is up for sale if any one wants it,it is £35 but probably for pick-up only due to the weight,it is on the CT forum classified section.

I also have a jockey wheel assembly ( i.e. "stick" only,no wheel ) for sale at £25,once again probably pick up only for the same reason.


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